Jeter continues to climb all-time hit list 11

Derek Jeter‘s bat might have cooled off a bit recently, he’s only getting one or two hits a game instead of three or four, but that hasn’t kept him from passing some impressive names on the all-time hits list over the weekend.

Jeter passed Tony Gwynn, who has 3,141 hits, on Saturday and then tied Robin Yount with 3,142 hits on Sunday, good for 16th place all-time.

He’ll keep climbing that ladder throughout the season. He has 10 more hits to go before he reaches Paul Waner at No. 15, 12 more hits to reach George Brett for 14th place. Those are the immediate names that are in his sights. Further down the road, Jeter should pass Cal Ripken Jr. at 3,184 hits, Nap Lajoie at 3,242, and Eddie Murray at 3,255.

By the end of the season, barring any injuries, Jeter will even make a run at Willie Mays, who is currently sitting at 10th place all-time with 3,283 hits. Imagine, by the end of the year there will only be nine people in the history of the game with more hits than The Captain.

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11 thoughts on “Jeter continues to climb all-time hit list

  • Matt_DC

    I am glad you wrote about this. The names most significant to me are Yount and Ripken. Yount moved from short to the outfield to extend his career, and Cal moved from short to third to do the same. I'm taking nothing away from them – great guys and two of my favorite players I saw play as a kid. That said Jeter doing most of it at short (other than DH hits) is an accomplishment that has been undervalued in the national attention he gets.

  • Samoyed

    Yount and Ripken did it as a safrifice to the help the team. Jeter's ego is too big for that.

  • Rex Terror

    As far as Yankee lore goes, he stands among Ruth, Gerigh, Dimaggio, and Mantle as one of the top 5 Yankee's. And now to be in the top 10 of all time hitters, 5 World Series rings, a a carrer as clean as a whistle when it comes to steriods, drugs, and bad press, it's the making of a movie. I think Brad Pitt can play this role.

  • kev

    I truly believe Jeter has his sights set on Roses record. He's almost 38 and seems to be in great shape and is actually ahead of Roses pace at the same age. DJ is driven and as long as he feels he can help this team, he will be in the lineup ! JMO

  • Brian

    Once Jeter hit 2000 I have been watching his pace (I am a LONG time Reds and Rose fan). Last year he was on pace to hit 4256 at age 43 and half…I can't wait to see him continue to succeed. I now believe 4000 is awaits him in the 2015 season (late). Rose's record may be broken in 2016 if Jeter can make it that long. I am not sure if it helps Rose or hurts him. Nonetheless we should be cheering for Jeter. He is a proven winner and champion!

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