Mark Teixeira has a month long cold

Before Wednesday night’s game, Mark Teixeira went in for a doctor’s examination to deal with a cold that he has had since the day before the season started. The doctor said he has a severely inflamed airway, but that he has been put on medication and expects it to be cleared up within the next week or two.

“(The medicine) hasn’t helped, but you fight through things,” Teixeira told Chad Jennings of the Journal News. “Everyone’s fighting through something in here they just don’t tell you. That’s the way baseball is.”

Teixeira said that the cough has affected his breathing a bit which has kept him from working out as much.

I took a look at Teixeira’s splits and it does seem to be affecting his stamina. His best innings are the 1st and 6th where he has a .919 and .938 respectively and he his worst innings are the 7th, 8th, and 9th where he is just 5-for-32 on the season. That might just be coincidence though as Teixeira is always a bit of a slow starter and the sample sizes are small enough that the numbers might not mean anything.

Hopefully he gets better soon though, ball players are much better when they are at 100 percent and he’s really dragging the lineup down. A DL-stint might even be ideal, but the Yankees don’t have a solid backup for him that can play everyday.

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5 Responses to Mark Teixeira has a month long cold

  1. Riverafan says:

    It appears to me if he would have bunted the ball several times over the last 29 games the Yankees record would have inproved significantly. He is a slow starter, that is a fact. So do things differently at tje bebinning of the srason to do better. He is not getting a psycheck for 80% of the season. He is being paid well to be a primer player the whole season. I am tired of the excuses for players like him. I include C.C. who they say always starts slow. come on guys there are millions of people who wish, in fact dream of having your job. I can not imagine that if you were a slow starter as a salesman that you would keep your job for 1/5 of the year on tje hipe that you would get it together. Why do fans let notorious “slow starters” off the hook. Remember that the first game of the season counts just as much in the standings as the last one. Players complain that spring training is too long, well too many of them clearly are not ready to start the season for another month. Look who was one of the first Yankees in Tampa, and look at how Our Captain started the season. Luck? I think not.

  2. stoogazzo says:

    Excellent comment. No excuses for a bum who is making 22.5 million a year and is batting 217. Sit the stiff or move him to batting 7th.

  3. Keena says:

    There's no excuse for his pathetic play. I'd rather keep Swish, put him at first and trade Tex if they are intent on slashing payroll.

    • stoogazzo says:

      What team on this planet would be insane enough to take on this contract for this bum?

  4. Keena says:

    Good point.

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