Read: Former Yankee Dan Naulty talks about life of steroids

Dan Naulty didn’t have a very long major league career. He played three seasons with the Twins and then one with the Yankees in 1999, serving as the mop-up man en route to getting a World Series ring.

That’s not what makes him interesting though. What makes him interesting is that he was one of the very few baseball players who have openly talked about using steroids.

Naulty, now a 42-year-old pastor, sat down with Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated and told his entire story from being a skinny high schooler to adding nearly 60-pounds and 10 mph on his fastball with the help of steroids. It’s a good story, a long story, but one that you should read to get a better understanding of how steroids affects players both directly and indirectly and how it changed the game.

“I have no idea how many guys were using testosterone,” Naulty told Verducci in the piece. “But I would assume anybody that was had some sort of conviction that this was against the rules. To say it wasn’t cheating to me … it’s just a fallacy. It was a total disadvantage to play clean.”

It’s a really good piece. Make sure you read it in it’s entirety when you get a few minutes.

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  1. Mike says:

    Dan Naulty is a CLOWN. Always has been and always will be. I was with the Twins at the same time he was. Dan was a few years ahead in the Minors. The guy did not throw that hard and his BIG LEAGUE career was not to impressive either. I was in the big leagues for three years and never would i throw anyone under the bus. I guess he figured he could make a quick dollar by telling his so called Story. Good Luck to you Dan. You will always be a CLOWN

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