Rivera injured his knee and will have MRI

Mariano Rivera injured his knee while shagging fly balls during batting practice and was taken off the field in a cart before the game. He was examined by the training staff and the Royals’ team doctors who called it a “twisted right knee” and he will be sent for MRI’s.

This is a big blow for the Yankees if something bad happens to Rivera. Not only has he been their rock in the bullpen for decades, but this is presumably the final season of his career. It would be a shame if we didn’t get to savoir that with him on the DL. It’s probably best not to get too worked up about that though until the MRI results come back.

For those of you wondering what Rivera was doing shagging fly balls. He’s always done that going back to his days in the minors. Rivera is actually very proud of the work he does out there pregame too and one of his minor league coaches even said he was probably their best defensive outfielder. This was just one of those freak things. Hopefully it is not too serious.

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