Romine headed to a back specialist, Campos to get MRI

Part of the reason the Yankees were willing to risk the Jesus Montero deal was because they had another strong catching prospect in Austin Romine and were getting back a solid pitching prospect in Jose Campos from the Mariners. However, a little more than a month into the season neither player is rewarding the Yankees faith in them.

Romine has been dealing with a back problem that has lingered since a bus ride last August and kept him on the DL all season and it doesn’t seem to be getting better at all. In his column yesterday, Joel Sherman of the NY Post mentioned that Romine injury will require at least six more weeks of rehab and later that night, Norris tweeteed that he will go to a back specialist. Not a sign that he is feeling better at all.

Campos got off to a hot start, but is experiencing elbow pain and will get an MRI this week, according to Josh Norris of the Trentonian. Hopefully it will just be some tendinitis, but if he requires Tommy John Surgery he could be out for a full year.

TJS has a solid success rate and Campos is a few years from the majors at this point anyway so it wouldn’t be a huge loss to the Yankees right now. However, Romine should have contributed at the major league level this season. Not only is he unavailable now, but back injuries can linger for a while and this injury has already come and gone a couple of times. If he is unable to shake the injury it could require surgery to fix which would mean that Romine might not just sit out this year, but most of next season as well.

That’s worse case scenario. Right now all we know is that Romine is on the DL for at least another six weeks and that the other might just miss a week or two with some tendinitis.

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    Six weeks then Romine is back on the bus in AAA?

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    The trade continues getting better and better

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