Rumor: Cervelli says at least 2 teams are interested in him

The Yankees surprised everybody when they replaced backup catcher Francisco Cervelli with Chris Stewart on the final day of spring training, but despite replacing him it looks like they want to keep him in the organization.

Cervelli told Wilmer Reina of La Verdad that he’s heard that at least two teams have been interested in dealing for him, but the Yankees turned them down.

Yankees GM Brian Cashman told the press when he sent Cervelli down that he still liked him and called him one of the best 60 catchers in baseball. He explained that with Stewart out of options and Cervelli with one remaining that it was just a numbers game. 38 games into the season and Stewart has been as good too.

The reason why they might still insist on holding on to him is likely because the returns teams are proposing are less than spectacular. Cervelli is a decent backup, but no more and teams are not going to pay a lot for that. It may be that they see him as more valuable as insurance in case of an injury than some B-level prospect who may never even reach the Bronx.

Things could change by July though. Cervelli won’t fetch a lot on his own, but perhaps he might help sweeten a deal as part of a bigger package. Hopefully the Yankees will have Austin Romine back by then which would provide them with the necessary insurance that they are holding on to Cervelli for now.

Cervelli hasn’t been tearing up the minors at all. In 27 games he is hitting just .225/.282/.265/.547.

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3 Responses to Rumor: Cervelli says at least 2 teams are interested in him

  1. hotdog says:

    Cervelli can't throw runners out…he's not a good defensive catcher and he can't hit…if someone wants him, let him go…

  2. Tanned Tom says:

    I love the idea of trading Cervelli this year. Let's start cleaning out the dead wood. Also needing to be traded: Andruw Jones – a 4th OF who can't play all that often because of bum knees, and no longer seems to hit lefties all that well? Eric Chavez – a backup who cannot stay healthy, and has always been a low OBP hitter. Freddy Garcia – no way he's around in 2014, seems shot as a starter, he's taking a roster spot that should go to a younger, cheaper pitcher with some future value. Cervelli has already been replaced, Jones can be replaced (after Gardner returns) by Jack Cust, Chavez has already been replaced by NIx (if you need another INF let it be Pena), and Garcia can be replaced by any younger pitcher.
    Also a thought, if Swisher is not in the team's plans for 2013 and Wise, or Cust, or even the dreaded Nunez are performing decently, it might make sense to trade Swisher and get some return (and avoid his all but certain no-show in the playoffs).

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