Soriano saves the day for the Yankees

Just a night after the first blown save of David Robertson‘s career, the Yankees used Rafael Soriano as their closer against the Rays. It wasn’t because the Yankees lost faith in D-Rob, instead it was simply because he had thrown two nights in a row and manager Joe Girardi didn’t want to overuse him.

Soriano had also thrown two nights in a row, but Girardi explained that he simply felt more comfortable using an older pitcher who has more experience pitching three nights in a row.

“Sori’s done it before,” Girardi told Chad Jennings of the Journal News. “He’s much more experienced (than Robertson). We talked to him today, and he said he was fine. That was why I went with him. He has a track record of doing it and being okay.”

Girardi went on to say that as the season progresses he may be more likely to use D-Rob three nights in a row if he has to, but explained that early on he didn’t feel it was necessary. It makes sensE. Robertson is now the Yankees most important reliever so it’s probably best the make sure he gets through the season healthy.

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