Teixeira has gone back to old approach at the plate

Remember when Mark Teixeira was going to bunt? Or hit the ball to the opposite field for the first time in his career? All that did was leave him with a pathetic .226/.281/.384/.665 line through his first 38 games. So he has given up all that and has gone back to his pull everything approach and so far it has paid off with a .448/.543/1.000/1.543 line in the eight games since.

“I told you guys a couple of days ago what I was going to do, and I’ve been doing it,” Teixeira told Mark Feinsand of the NY Daily News. “I’m glad I’m seeing some results, because then you’d probably be asking me what’s my next plan. Just being real aggressive with my swings. Trying to let it go, which I’ve done my whole career.”

The change was supposed to break up the extreme shift teams have always used against him while bringing up his average a bit. After all, his average has been dropping each year since 2008 he had to try something. But it didn’t work so rather than force something that wasn’t working, he has decided to go back to how things always worked.

“I’d love to hit for a higher average, of course, but trying to hit for a higher average takes away from the kind of hitter I am,” Teixeira said. “If you ask anybody, would you rather take the higher average or 30 and 100, you’d take 30 and 100 every time. It takes three singles to get a run in. It takes one home run. We have to score runs. No one cares what our average is. Everyone cares how many runs we score, how many games we win.”

It’s unfortunate that Teixeira couldn’t break up the shift and bring his numbers up a bit, but it clearly wasn’t working. It’s good to see that he hasn’t permanently messed himself up or anything unlikely like that. It’s nice to have Teixeira back finally.

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