The Yankee beat: Montero, the unappreciated, and RISP

Ivan Nova didn’t have good stuff tonight against the Orioles, but luckily for him the Yankees 3-4-5 hitters finally did. Robinson Cano, Alex Rodriguez, and Mark Teixeira combined to go 7-for-14 as they won 8-5. Here is the recap and graph.

Here is what the Yankees blogosphere has been discussing.

  • The Yankee Analysts says that the Yankees haven’t missed Jesus Montero so far this year. They haven’t, but over the next six years it sure would be nice to have him.
  • Pinstripe Alley wants to give some credit to some of the more unappreciated Yankees.
  • River Ave Blues takes a look at where the Yankees have struggled with runners in scoring position, but points out that last year the Yankees struggled with RISP only to turn it around by the end of the season.
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