The Yankees fall to last place in the AL East

It’s not as bad as it sounds considering the American League East is the most stacked division in baseball and they are still at .500, but the Yankees are struggling a lot right now and things aren’t exactly looking up.

The Yankees are typically 1st or 2nd in the major offensive categories, but this season they have falled to 7th in baseball with 4.61 runer per game, behind two division rivals and barely ahead of another one.

Their numbers with runners in scoring position have been talked about a lot, but their line of .231/.326/.407/.733 is actually slightly higher than league average although nowhere near the top of the league. It is also nowhere close to their overall line of .267/.338/.454/.793.

The lineup may be struggling, but the pitching staff is really struggling. Ranked 26th overall with a 4.93, they haven’t been able to find consistency in anybody including ace CC Sabathia.

To make matters worse, the Yankees are one of the worst defensive teams in baseball with a -8.3 UZR that is ranked 25th in all of baseball. The worst culprits are might not be who you’d expect either with Curtis Granderson, Derek Jeter, and Nick Swisher leading the way although Raul Ibanez and Eduardo Nunez can’t go without mentioning here.

It’s a bad combination for the Yankees, but they have been hit with injuries. They got Andy Pettitte back to help the rotation and Brett Gardner‘s return should make a big difference in their ability to manufacture runs. Their schedule is fairly easy over the next two weeks which should help turn the tide a bit, considering they have just lost three of four to the Reds and Royals though it might not mean a whole lot.

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7 Responses to The Yankees fall to last place in the AL East

  1. NYYinATL says:

    This team is flat out horrible right now!! They need a gut check and a spark. Play with a sense of urgency….not sleep walk like they expect to get to the playoffs no matter what anyway.

    …..and the next time a team stack their entire defense against Tex to the right side…and he doesn't take the easy base hit by bunting to the left side…someone should hit him with the freakin bat! It's common sense!! He puts down 2-3 bunts for base hits….they won't do it anymore…he'll stop getting outs into the shift. Talk about stubborn and stupid at this point.

  2. john murphy says:

    Suggested lineup at Yankee Stadium, forget left / righty for a while. We need production.

    Jeter R
    Swisher S
    Cano L
    Ibanez L
    Rodriguez R
    Granderson L
    Chavez L
    Texeria S
    Martin R

  3. andreas petofi says:

    Year end totals for A-Rod 15 homers; 63 RBIs, average .272

  4. David K. says:

    Shuffling this line-up will not do a whole lot, although anything is better than the status quo. This team simply doesn't have enough good hitters. It's a product of where Cashman has been leading the team for the last few years. Granderson, Swisher, these guys are basically .240-.250 hitters. If the ball doesn't fly out for them, nothing is happening. Then too, notice how Girardi has evolved from being a national league manager to a classic wait for the 3 run homer guy. Only trouble is that, now, this team doesn't have much power anymore.

  5. Tanned Tom says:

    Gardner's absence hurts a lot. But I agree that too many HR or KO hitters will kill a team. Let's start by admitting that this team is too old. Next time Cashman signs another over 35 player he should be fired. Getting lucky with Ibanez is not the same as it being a good decision. If it's true that Swisher is gone due to the idiocy of A-Fraud's and Teixeira's contracts, then let's see who in AAA might be able to replace him. Jack Cust? Trade A. Jones, this guy is dead wood. Trade Chavez, another too old, too fragile player. Trade Garcia, do we even need to debate this? Let Phelps or Mitchell be long relief/ spot starter.
    To at least maximize offensive production, a better lineup would be Jeter, Rodriguez, Cano, Granderson, Ibanez, Swisher, Teixeira, Cust/Wise, Martin.
    When Gardner returns: Jeter, Gardner (batting this guy 9th is beyond stupid), Cano, Granderson, Ibanez, Swisher, Rodriguez, Teixeira, Martin.

    • Mike Sommer says:

      If you get rid of Jones, you replace him with Mustelier. Gardner, Cano, Granderson and Ibanez all in a row? Opposing managers and lefty relievers will love that.

  6. john says:

    By the way lets not forget Kuroda. I told everyon on here he was the Japanese Javy Vazquez.
    And was shouted down.
    That turd has gotten a pass because the O is so awful.
    Atleast Pineda is kicking but at the top of the rotation behind CC.
    Oh wait

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