Yankees call up Wise, Eppley, send Mitchell to AAA

In the wake of Mariano Rivera‘s injury, the Yankees made a couple of moves on Friday. They called up outfielder Dewayne Wise and righty reliever Cody Eppley while sending D.J. Mitchell back to Triple-A.

Calling up Wise was overdue. The Yankees have been short two outfielders since Brett Gardner was placed on the DL and Nick Swisher has been day to day. They called up Jayson Nix earlier in the week, but he doesn’t have a ton of experience out there and that was mostly because the Yankees were facing back-to-back lefties.

Wise, 34, has terrible career numbers in the majors – a .256 OBP and .629 OPS. However, Raul Ibanez is a mess defensively and Wise’s strong glove gives the Yankees another option out there. Wise has also put up big numbers in Triple-A so far – a .398 OBP and .984 OPS. He won’t be with the Yankees long though.

The Mitchell/Eppley swap had more to do with the fact that Mitchell had just thrown the day before so the Yankees weren’t going to be able to use him anyway. Since David Phelps is likely going back to the long-man role once Andy Pettitte returns it makes sense to make this move now.

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  1. alan says:

    While on the subject of recent Yankee call-ups, I think it must be said that, of them all, Lance Nix was the biggest mistake. After all, it was he who hit the ball in which Mo tore his knee up.I guess it can go further back to the Chavez injury. If Chavez doesn't injure himself, Nix stays in the minors and never hits the ball that Rivera injures himself on. So, I guess that makes Nix and Chavez Cashman's worst signings this year, I guess.

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