Yankees drop Teixeira to 7th in the lineup

Last week, Yankees manager Joe Girardi resisted the urge to drop the struggling Mark Teixeira down in the order, but after a terrible week where they went 2-5 and didn’t win a single series something had to be done and they finally dropped him to 7th Monday night.

“He’s been the focus of our lineup and if the other guys were hitting, he probably wouldn’t be a focus,” Joe Girardi told Chad Jennings of the Journal News. “I mean, there’s a lot of other guys who are struggling in those situations, some worse than he is. And so I just thought, he hasn’t played in three days. I’m going to move him down and see what happens.”

Teixeira has been dealing with a serious cough that he came down with the night before the season started. He got a couple of days off over the weekend to give him time to rest, but he’s still dealing with it. This is just Girardi’s attempt to take some pressure off him because he’s got to do something.

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