Yankees will not drop Teixeira in lineup

Mark Teixeira is becoming quite the rally killer for the Yankees this season with his .223 average, .275 OBP, and .369 slugging, but the Yankees manager Joe Girardi said after the game that he refused to drop him lower in the lineup than 5th.

“I’m going to leave him there,” Girardi told Josh Thomson of the Journal News.

Teixeira always gets off to slow starts, but this one has been particularly bad and might be due to a more than month long cough that he has not been able to shake. His typical April line is .239/.344/.423/.767, but that normally jumps to .284/.367/.526/.894 in May. So far this May he has been a pathetic .182/.245/.318/.563.

The lack of power has been the most alarming, but with it has come a lack of discipline at the plate. Teixeira walked a whopping 93 times back in 2010, but so far he seems far too aggressive at the plate and is currently on pace for a 43 walk season.

The lack of power from the No. 5 spot in the order, or patience at the plate to keep the inning moving along, has really hurt the Yankees. It has provided no protection for Alex Rodriguez at all and seems to come back to bite the Yankees in a key spot at least once in almost every game.

A move down in the lineup seems necessary right now. Girardi is sticking with him now, which is probably good to avoid hurting his ego in one sense, but while he is still battling the lingering effects of a nasty cold it may be in the best idea of the team to move him to 7th in the order. At least for the time being. Girardi isn’t budging for now though. Hopefully the leash isn’t too long.

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3 Responses to Yankees will not drop Teixeira in lineup

  1. Matt_DC says:

    I love Tex's defense and passion for the game, but that big swing of his leads to long, ugly slumps. So maybe there is fatigue from the chest cold. But high end Tex, and even A-Rod, does not mean the output from a couple years ago. I would break them up permanently, moving Grandy into a power slot.

  2. Fred says:

    I read that Tex was having difficulty even speaking to reporters yesterday, that cold may be worse than he's been letting on.

  3. Keena says:

    Little production from both the 4 and 5 slots.

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