A statistical look at the Yankees rotation’s great run

The Yankees winning streak ended at 10 games last night, but the Yankees have still won 20 out of their last 25 and the starting pitching has been the biggest reason.

Literally every one of them has been great lately and last night they reached a landmark that they haven’t reached since 1981 – every starter has gone at least 6+ innings in 19 consecutive starts now. So I decided to go back through the last 19 games and take a look at the numbers to see what these guys look like when they are going well.

All of these stats are from May 29 through Tuesday night’s game.

ERAPhil Hughes has the best ERA during the 19 game stretch at 1.69. CC Sabathia has been the worst at 3.30.

STRIKEOUTS AND WALKS: When it comes to strikeouts, CC Sabathia has been mowing them down at a 9.90 K/9 rate. Ivan Nova has the lowest K/9 at 5.22. Nova makes up for it slightly with the 2nd lowest BB/9 of 1.84. CC leads with a 1.80 BB/9 and Hughes trails everyone at 2.95.

HOME RUNS: We know that Phil Hughes has given up the most home runs and at 1.27 per game he leads the pack. CC Sabathia has allowed just 0.30 homers a game to lead in the fewest allowed.

GROUND BALL/FLY BALL RATES: Andy Pettitte is the biggest groundball pitcher of the bunch with a 56.8 GB%. Everyone else has at least a 51.7 GB% except Phil Hughes, who has just a 37 GB%. Naturally Hughes led everyone with a 50.0 FB%.

THROWING STRIKES: CC Sabathia has the highest strike throwing percent at 67.8 with Ivan Nova trailing at 62.7 percent. The trick is that CC gets a lot more swings and misses. 30.5 percent of his strikes are swinging while just 18.4 percent of Nova’s are.

PITCH SELECTION: Hughes is the one who relies heaviest on the fastball, throwing it 78.1 percent of the time. Andy Pettitte throws it just 36.2 percent of the time. CC Sabathia threw the most changeups at 12.1 percent, Nova the most curves at 26.1 percent, Sabathia the most sliders at 34.5 percent, Pettitte the most cutters at 13.6 percent, and Kuroda the most splitters at 13.6 percent.

PITCH LOCATION: Phil Hughes lives up in the zone and has thrown 34.6 percent of his pitches in the upper part of the plate. Sabathia and Pettitte work down in the zone the most, throwing 48.1 and 46.1 percent of their respective pitches down. Pettitte works inside the most, throwing 33.2 percent of his pitches on the inner half. Hughes likes to work away, throwing 51.5 percent of his pitches there. Kuroda, 50.5 percent, and Sabathia, 49.7 percent, are also fond of the outside part of the plate.

VELOCITY: Ivan Nova throws his fastball the hardest on average at 93.1 MPH and tops out at 96.9. Hughes is right behind him at 92.7 mph average and a 95.2 mph top speed. Pettitte gets by with the slowest fastball at 87.9 mph average velocity and is the only Yankee starter who throws less than 91.7 (Kuroda) on average.

EFFICIENCY: CC was the most efficient, throwing just 3.15 pitches per plate apperance on average. Kuroda was just behind him at 3.19 and Phil Hughes was the worst at 3.94. League average is 3.51 pitches per plate appearance.

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