Bidding for Soler expected to wrap up soon, Yanks in deep

The bidding on the 20-year-old, Cuban, free agent, outfielder Jorge Soler is expected to wrap up soon with many sources reporting on Sunday that it could happen as soon as Monday. Joel Sherman of the NY Post confirms that the Yankees, “are in deep for Soler.”

Peter Gammons said that despite reports that negotiations will go on past today, but Soler’s agent likely wants to get this over as quickly as possible. If it drags out beyond July 2nd, this deal would be subject to terms of the new collective bargaining agreement which would severely restrict the amount teams are allowed to spend on international free agents such as Soler.

The Yankees are one of four or five teams still in the running for the outfielder. They haven’t been nearly as aggressive in the IFA market over the past couple of years in stark contracts to the way things were under George Steinbrenner. However, the fact that the Yankees are still involved is a good sign.

Soler wouldn’t contribute in 2012 and probably not even in 2013, but it wouldn’t be long after that when he should reach the Bronx. The Yankees are trying to get under the luxury tax threshold by 2014 and rumors suggest that a deal will land in the four-year/$20 million range. If the Yankees had a regular outfielder earning just $5 million a year it would be a big help in getting under that $189 million number.

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5 Responses to Bidding for Soler expected to wrap up soon, Yanks in deep

  1. uyf1950 says:

    I'm guessing 5 yrs/$22MM total and the deal is done. Hopefully it's with the Yankees but we'll see. Maybe not to much longer.

  2. John says:

    agreed 5yrs/22$MM total deal in the Bronx yea
    Ready by camp next year starts in right batting 7

  3. Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

    Does the contract count against the 2014 cap if he does play in MLB by then? For that matter, how does all of that work for this particular situation?

  4. Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

    Sorry I meant to say if he "doesn't" play by or in 2014.

  5. Matt_DC says:

    ESPN is reporting the Cubs won the bidding. If so it's Theo's revenge for Contreras! . . . well, that one didn't exactly work out for the Yankees . . .

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