Bryce Harper: I don’t want to be a Yankee

From almost the first moment we heard about Bryce Harper we’ve known that he was a Yankee fan and eventually wanted to don the Pinstripes one day. Unfortunately with the Yankees never even coming close to the 1st overall pick in the draft we knew that day would have to wait.

Now it sounds as if that day may never come.

“I don’t want to be a Yankee,” Harper said to Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post. “I want to beat them.”

Apparently Harper has become infatuated with Washington D.C. and rather than leave for the big dollars of the Yankees when he can, he’s been thinking about guys like Derek Jeter who played their entire careers with one team.

“You look at Cal Ripken. You look at Derek Jeter. You look at all the greats that played for one team their whole career,” Harper said. “I want to be like that. I’ve always wanted to be like that. I’ve always wanted to play with that same team.”

“Having a community and fans like we do in D.C. that love our players, love everything about us, we deserve to give something back to them,” he added. “I want to do that. I don’t want to do anything else.”

Harper still has five more full seasons to go in the Majors before he can put his money where his mouth is though. A lot can change between now and then. The Nationals are a very young and talented team though so there is a good chance they compete for the playoffs a lot during the next five years. So perhaps he will indeed love playing there when the time comes to prove it.

Oh by the way, Harper hit terribly in his first series against the Yankees. In 15 at bats he hit .200/.200/.267 with just three hits and six strikeouts. His overall line is amazing for a 19-year-old though, .280/.354/.486.

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3 Responses to Bryce Harper: I don’t want to be a Yankee

  1. Dave says:

    Cant help but to be a fan of this kid. I guess we'll know if he's serious in 5…

  2. Mevs says:

    He actually won't be FA eligible until 2018, even if no contract extension is signed in Washington.

  3. Brian says:

    He said exactly what any player should say. He'd be a fool to say anything otherwise. I guarantee Harper will be a Yankee.

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