Cashman not looking for an outfielder after Gardner setback

Brett Gardner suffered what was said to be a bruised elbow two months ago, two unsuccessful rehab stints later and he’s on his way to see Dr. James Andrews, the famous Tommy John Surgery doctor. Depending on the news it could be another month until Brett Gardner comes back or the rest of the year.

Regardless, Brian Cashman told reporters over the weekend that he isn’t looking to trade for a replacement.

“I haven’t been looking,” Cashman told Chad Jennings of the Journal News. “That doesn’t mean that (it’s out of the question). Now you’ve passed the draft, people will be more interested in having conversations. I have not had any conversations with anybody about anything.”

“I’m not sure just yet,” Cashman told Evan Drellich of “The preference would be not to do anything, because I’d rather not touch the farm system or add to the payroll. You’d like to have everything here in front of you, but that’s never the case. So right now it’s way too early to tell you what’s lacking.”

At least not yet. Gardner was a big piece for the Yankees, not only offensively, but what he brought as far as defense and speed goes. Replacing Gardner has not gone exactly well for the Yankees, who are still using Jayson Nix on a somewhat regular basis, have been forced to use Curtis Granderson in all but two innings this season, and the running game has almost completely been tied up. Don’t forget about Raul Ibanez‘s terrible defense in left.

So while Cashman insists that he isn’t looking for an outfielder now things could change a lot by the All-Star break. If Gardner is not back by then or at least reasonably close, it will be hard for the Yankees not to address the situation by the deadline.

In the meantime, the Yankees should seriously consider calling up Chris Dickerson. Dickerson hasn’t been on the team so far only due to an injury, but he’s healthy now and would be a decent upgrade over Dewayne Wise, who offers little more than somebody who can play in the outfield. Dickerson might be a decent option between now and the time when the Yankees explore a deal for somebody like David DeJesus or Josh Willingham.

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3 Responses to Cashman not looking for an outfielder after Gardner setback

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    Terrible moves getting Ibanez and Jones, when neither of them can play the OF anymore. I've seen kitchen appliances with more range than Ibanez. Dickerson is healthy and Mustelier is hitting like crazy, bring them up and trade both Jones and Ibanez. And since we'd be bring up Mustelier anyway, and already have Nix, trade Chavez as well. OBPs for Chavez, Ibanez, and Jones are .306, .307 and .319. All are slow and injury prone, so let's upgrade en masse with younger, more athletic players. For Dickerson and Mustelier (in AAA) their OBPs are .413 and .344, and Nix's is .325. Make the move Cashman!

  2. Who is going to trade for Ibanez or Jones? And even if a team was to trade for either of them, chances are the Yankees would get little more than a box of damaged baseballs back. At least Chavez can play defense, so he'd get the team a C prospect, but nothing the team could actually use this season.

    I'm all for bringing up an outfielder, but not at the expense of Raul or Andruw. They have value to the team, whereas Dewayne Wise really doesn't. If Wise could get on base 35% of the time he'd be great due to his speed, but he gets on base half as much as that. So drop him and try Dickerson or Mustelier.

    By the way, I don't like Jayson Nix, but the team needs somebody to play some SS or or 2B.

    As for Gardner, if he's out for the year then they need to get somebody. If Gardner can come back in a month or so, then ride things out.

    • Tanned Tom says:

      Who knows who'll want these guys, but we did sign them. It is possible other teams can make mistakes, isn't it? SF signed Tejada last year, etc.
      The point isn't really value back for these guys, it's to clear roster spots for younger, better players. I'm not sold on Nix either, and I'd suggest Pena but his bat is, alas, not quite MLB material.
      Another point is that I'd estimate there's at least a 25% chance that all 3 of the geezers are on the DL by year's end and thus have zero value for September and beyond. Whereas the chance that Nix, Mustelier and Dickerson are all on DL is probably close to 2%.
      If you'er worried abour losing power, we do have Cust and Branyan in AAA.

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