Chavez says everyday a huge hurdle to climb physically

This is not exactly something you want to hear from one of your players just as a pennant race is really starting to get heated up, but Eric Chavez admitted to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports that playing, even at the age of 34, is “a huge hurdle to climb physically,” because of past injuries.

“Once I get to the park, I’m constantly going until the end of the game,” Chavez told Rosenthal. “If I sit down for 15 to 20 minutes, it takes me that much longer (to get loose again).

“It’s non-stop. You’ll never see me in the dugout for more than one inning. I’ve got to keep moving. I’ll go to the cage, keep the blood going as much as I can.”

Chavez has fell into a semi-regular roll with the Yankees this season playing DH when the Yankees face righties and occasionally spelling Alex Rodriguez at third base. His numbers haven’t been terrible so far, hitting just .264/.303/.429 which is good for a 94 OPS+.

He has managed to stay mostly healthy too. He did have one problem where he landed on the 7-day DL with a concussion. It was on a weird play because it looked like a typical diving play and he didn’t appear to hit his head. Still, that seemed like a freak thing. Most importantly, he has been able to play through foot, back, and any other injuries that seem to plague him.

Hopefully he can manage to keep it together and hopefully even raise his offensive numbers a bit, but it is concerning hearing this story. Hopefully the Yankees are prepared to find him a backup if need be.

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3 Responses to Chavez says everyday a huge hurdle to climb physically

  1. cmclark says:

    This is really tough to hear. Chavez has been one of my favorites since i was young (i'm 25). Loved the way he played and it's terrible to hear how he is struggling, even now. I hope he can continue to help us because he brings a lot to the table.

  2. Mike Sommer says:

    It's why I posted about Branyan in another post that it's a shame Branyan isn't better defensively at 3B or hasn't played 3B in years. With Chavez' 1 for 19 RISP numbers, if Branyan were adequate defensively, he would present an interesting option to Chavez, since Branyan would then play the same positions and also could add LF/RF, unlike Chavez. More power but more strikeouts, and less Defense. Of course, Branyan is coming off injury issues as well. The biggest problem with Chavez so far this year has been that 1 for 19 RISP.

  3. Matt_DC says:

    Chavez is a class guy who is still a well above average third baseman. Unless he gets locked in soon it will be time to hang up the spikes. If he doesn't turn it around (and I hope he does) Nix brings solid defense at third off the bench so maybe it's time to give Branyon a try? Swap Wise for Russo as well for versatility?

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