Quote: We called him Little Derek Jeter

Frank Francisco‘s “chicken” comment has gotten so out of hand that Mets reliever Tim Byrdak brought a live chicken into the clubhouse at Citi Field. Not only that, but they initially named him “Little Derek Jeter” before renaming him “Little Jerry Seinfeld” in honor of the time Kramer got a rooster on Seinfeld.

“We originally called him ‘Little Derek Jeter,” Byrdak told the NY Post. “We’re going to call him Little Jerry Seinfield.”

That’s pretty funny even if this has gotten a little out of hand. Here is a link for video proof the bird exists. The Mets are holding on to him until the end of the series and then it sounds like Byrdak is looking for a farm to give him away to. Why not just make him for dinner?

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  1. ginothek says:

    Mets can now talk turkey…… Yankees once again rule the roost!

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