Read: Ashmore’s interview with 1st round pick Ty Hensley

The Yankees got lucky when they popped Ty Hensley at No. 30 overall in the draft. Not just because he’s an amazing talent with an incredible work ethic, but he truly seemed proud to be drafted by the Yankees and looked ready to sign right away.

He even took to his Twitter account to tell his fans that he was headed to Tampa for a physical and was asking for updates to Yankees farm teams. I mean, what kind of high school kid from New Mexico cares about the Trenton Thunder if he isn’t ready to join that organization.

Fast forward three weeks and Hensley still hasn’t signed yet. Mike Ashmore of the Trentonian caught up with him and did a great interview where he got Hensley’s thoughts on signing with the Yankees, missing out on college, his work ethic and he even gives a little scouting report on himself.

Check out the entire interview, but here is a brief excerpt on how the signing process is going.

“I think we are getting closer,” Hensley told Ashmore. “The toughest thing for me about this process has been that people assume it is just about the money. There is so much more that goes into this decision; both for me and for the club. I scored a 28 on my ACT and would like to pursue an engineering degree at some point and the college experience just isn’t the same at 27 as it is at 18, but at the end of the day my dream is to be a big leaguer. The fastest and most efficient path to that goal is what I want my next step to be, so it is really important to think things through and weigh everything out. There’s time built into this process to do that and I am taking it.”

Hensley added that college is still very much an option. He’s a smart kid and he said that going through college at 27 won’t be the same as 18. Which he’s not wrong about, but he said he wants to get to the majors as fast as possible. Signing would be the best way to do that.

Hensley said he is still working out and throwing bullpens so whenever he does sign, the deadline is July 13, then it sounds like he’ll be ready to go.

Here is a bit more to tantalize you.

“I am a 6’5 physical righty who has a plus fastball that can dial it up to 97-98 and sits at 92-95,” Hensley said. “My 12-6 plus hammer at 78-81 is my out pitch, and a I have been perfecting my circle change which I am really,really pleased with at how it is coming. Most would say it is average right now with flashes of being plus once I start throwing it more often. I have been compared to Matt Cain quite a bit and I don’t mind that comparison at all.”

Sign already and get going.

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