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When Michael Pineda went down with a shoulder injury it was scary because they can often be the beginning of the end of a pitcher’s career. Take John Maine for example. At one point Maine was a promising pitcher in his mid-20’s who helped take the Mets to the playoffs and now his career might be done before 30.

Maine is actually 31 now and has not pitched in the majors since 2010 and is currently pitching for the Yankees Triple-A team. He made his debut on Tuesday night. He pitched three innings and allowed three runs, just two earned, with four strikeouts, two walks, and a home run. It’s not much, but it is a start.

In a great piece by Josh Horton of Above the Plate, the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees blog, Maine discusses his goal and how life has gone since his last game in the majors. He admits it’s embarrassing at times, but seems driven to play in the big leagues at least one more time.

“If it’s just one game I will be so happy,” Maine told Horton. “I mean the last couple years people have been telling me it would be so hard to get back to myself pitching and after what I had gone through and what I have done to my shoulder, it’s almost unreachable,” Maine said. “It’s just my goal to get back there for you know one more game, because I put all the hard work in.”

Maine talks about the fact that he rushed back from the injury too many times. He also talked about trying, and failing, to adjust to life as a reliever with the Red Sox and dealing with the bad habits that come from shoulder surgeries.

It’s a great piece that you should definitely check out. I don’t know if Maine will ever get back to the majors with the Yankees. It could happen, but he not only has to find his way through a sea of other starters and relievers, but he has to finally pitch like he did five years ago.

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