Rivera finally ready to have surgery

Mariano Rivera hasn’t had surgery to repair his torn ACL yet because the first time he met with doctors to schedule the surgery they discovered blood clots. They put him on blood thinners and gave him time to recover from that.

Now he’s finally ready to have surgery. According to Dan Martin of the NY Post, Rivera is going on Tuesday to the Hospital for Special Surgery to repair the torn ACL.

Rivera says that he will still play next season. He hasn’t completely ruled out the possibility of coming back this season, but said he doesn’t want to worry himself about timetables.

“I don’t want to have that,” Rivera said. “I don’t want to put in my mind a line.”

It actually isn’t so bad that it has taken so long. When an athlete tears his ACL there is a good amount of swelling that takes anywhere from two to three weeks. It’s been longer than that, but not long enough to the point where it is going to disrupt his rehab.

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