Rumor: Yankees not interested in OFer Carlos Quentin

If the Yankees look for an outfielder on the trade market to replace Brett Gardner it doesn’t sound like it will be Carlos Quentin.

According to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports, the Yankees don’t think Quentin is a good fit and will look for someone faster, more like Gardner, to replace Gardner.

Quentin, 29, is a free agent at the end of this year and is currently hitting .421/.542/.921/1.463 in 12 games since coming off the DL. His career line is .255/.349/.498/.847.┬áIn his younger days with the Diamondbacks he was solid defensively, but lately injuries have slowed him and he’s been more of a liability out there.

The Yankees took a big hit defensively when Gardner went down and it’s easy to see how important outfield defense can be when watching Raul Ibanez butcher everything out there. So it’s easy to see why the Yankees would want somebody who could improve their running game and outfield defense like Gardner did.

The Yankees might also want to think about Nick Swisher. If they go after an outfielder with more years on his contract after this season, they could potentially slide him into right field next season when Gardner is fully healthy and Swisher possibly departs via free agency.

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3 Responses to Rumor: Yankees not interested in OFer Carlos Quentin

  1. Mike Sommer says:

    Here is a thought. If the Phillies keep floundering, could Juan Pierre be available? Rob's line "the Yankees would want somebody who could improve their running game and outfield defense like Gardner did" made me think of Pierre… not much power, has speed, would bat at the bottom of the lineup. Playing LF… He is hitting .326 with 11 SB in 13 attempts. Hmmmm….. if we can't get Brett back, Pierre may be the closest thing to a Gardner clone…

  2. Gonzalo says:

    Josh Willingham would be the perfect trade. he has contract for 2 more years and so cheap.
    Ibañez or Jones can get injured anytime, we don't know when Gardner is coming back and his numbers are very good.

    Willingham's career numbers: .264-avg .364-obp .482-slg .846-ops
    Swisher's career numbers : .253-avg .358-obp .467-slg .825-ops

    Also right now he is having his best year ever and It would be a big help trying to be under the payroll limit for 2014. In my opinion it would be worth it giving a few prospects for him instead of Soriano, Pierre or Quentin: or overpaying Swisher.

    • Mike Sommer says:

      You wouldn't be giving up much for Pierre (and this would be only from mid- to late July to the end of the year if Gardner can't come back). Plus, you have to look at cost. Willingham makes $7 million. Pierre $800,000. The cost in getting one over the over would be great. The thing right now is replacing Gardner (if necessary) with someone like Gardner. Thus, my reference to Pierre.

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