Rumor: Yankees still waiting for trade market to be defined

The trade deadline is July 31 and the Yankees hot stove is only starting to heat up these days with rumors surrounding starting pitching that isn’t likely to pan out considering how well their rotation has been lately.

When they do start making deals expect them to involve an outfielder – potentially one who can replace Brett Gardner this year and possibly Nick Swisher next season. Right now though, Buster Olney of ESPN said that the Yankees are still┬ámonitoring the market and waiting for it to be defined and don’t have anything cooking.

This is the way Brian Cashman operates – he waits for the market to develop to avoid overpaying. He’s very patient and would actually prefer not to make any deals, but will monitor the market for just about every available player and will pounce on something he is interested in.

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5 Responses to Rumor: Yankees still waiting for trade market to be defined

  1. hotdog says:

    Why not try and keep Swisher. He's a catalyst on and off the field. 3 years, $40 mil.

    • Ryan C says:

      Because if you give Swisher the money he wants to keep him, you can't afford Ganderson and Cano. Pick 2 of the 3 and I personally would go with Grandy and Cano. Unless Swish gives the Yanks the "home team discount" to stay and play with them, he won't be around.

      • Gonzalo says:

        I'd rather keeping Granderson and Cano over Swisher by far.

        But If he takes a 3 yrs/$21M like Josh Willingham's contract or maybe 3/24,(that guy has a little bit better offensive numbers but Swisher is a little bit better defensively). If Swisher doesn't like that I think there is nothing more to talk, spend the money in Granderson and Cano; and maybe Hamels.

    • If Either is worth 5 years and $85 million than Swisher is worth more than 3 and $40. All I'm saying is that he won't be cheap and it might not be a bad idea to look for his replacement now.

  2. Yankeesnow says:

    I would agree with Gonzalo

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