Teixeira diagnosed with nerve damage to his vocal chords

Mark Teixeira started getting sick the night before the season started and then couldn’t shake his illness for about two months as he played poorly on the field throughout. It turns out that Teixeira had a nerve damage to one of his vocals chords which led to him getting the cough.

“It was really good news for me,” Teixeira told Dave Hutchinson of the Newark Star-Ledger. “We think we found the reason for all of this. It kind of puts my mind at ease.”

Teixeira finally had to go to Columbia Hospital and have a miniature camera placed down his throat to find out what was going on. The effects could linger for up to a year. He was prescribed medicine and told to take two weeks off to rest, but he won’t be doing the latter.

He’s not completely over it, but now that he’s taking medicine hopefully it’ll get better quickly. He has been hitting better lately. Over the last 15 games he is hitting .296/.400/.648/1.048 with five homers and four doubles.

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  1. Joan Hayes says:

    I have the same diagnose and have not been treated successfully. I would appreciate knowing the name of his Doctor and medicine he is taking. [email protected].

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