The Yankee beat: meeting Joe Girardi edition

The Yankees got 7, 1 hit innings out of Hiroki Kuroda tonight and back-to-back-to-back home runs from Robinson Cano, Nick Swisher, Andruw Jones for an easy 9-1 victory against the Mets. Here is the recap and graph.

Before the game I had a chance to meet with both managers Joe Girardi and Terry Collins thanks to Dunkin’ Donuts. I didn’t get a chance to talk to him for as long as I would have liked, but I’d like to share some of the tidbits.

  • When Girardi was asked about Kuroda facing the Mets, he explained that he does have some experience against them thanks to his years with the Dodgers and said that sometimes it’s to the pitcher’s advantage when he doesn’t have a lot of experience against a team.
  • Somebody remarked that the Mets record against Kuroda was good and Collins chirped in and reminded everyone that most of this young Mets team was not there during that past success.
  • I asked Girardi about Austin Romine, who had just recently been cleared to resume baseball activities, and Girardi joked that he keeps finding out injury updates after a member of the media reads it on Twitter. He then went on to explain that he had met with Romine when they were playing the Angels and that he knew he was close to returning then. He also said that as a catcher, his back injury might be something he has to live with throughout his entire career.
  • Girardi said that if Romine returns and plays well then the Yankees would consider calling him up.
  • Girardi was asked if it was weird that Mariano Rivera isn’t around anymore and Joe explained that Mo has actually been with the team during every homestand. He said that Mo is feeling good and joked that he even wanted to pitch before reminding everyone that he is missing a necessary joint to do so.
  • I asked about Ronnier Mustelier.
  • Girardi was asked about managing big name players and he said that they just want to be treated like every player. He explained that the biggest thing was helping players deal with the big expectations for playing with the Yankees.
  • He was also asked about managing rookie, long-reliever David Phelps. Girardi said that it’s a catch-22 when dealing with him because if he’s not pitching enough that means the rotation is pitching well and if the he has opportunities to use him it means the rotation is struggling. He says he tries to find himĀ opportunitiesĀ to pitch 2 to 3 innings at a time.
  • There was a funny point where a Mets fan told Collins that it’s great to watch a homegrown team playing well and Girardi butted in and joked, “Your seats are in the upper deck, right?” Everyone got a kick out of that.
  • I also asked Girardi about the possibility of bloggers getting credentialed and he referred me to Jason Zillo. One of the Mets bloggers on hand explained that the Mets credential bloggers and Collins, GM Sandy Alderson, and players gave them good access. Collins briefly explained that it has been a positive experience for him and Girardi remarked, “Wow, you’re really with the times Terry.”

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