Turning points: Bad 1st inning buries Pettitte

Andy Pettitte was great from the 2nd inning on, but it was a bad 1st inning that put the Yankees behind 5-0 as they went on to lose 6-4. Here is the full recap and graph.

Here are the turning points of the game.

• The big turning point took place in the 1st inning. Justin Turner had just put the Mets up 2-0 in the 1st, but Ike Davis really broke it open with a home run that skipped off Nick Swisher‘s glove into the stands to put the Mets up 5-0.

• The Yankees had a chance to get some runs back in the 2nd with 2-RISP and Derek Jeter up with two outs, but unfortunately they couldn’t grab the momentum back and Jeter grounded out to kill the rally.

• The Yankees scored four more times to get themselves back into the game and even managed to get the winning run at the plate with just one out in the 9th. As things have gone all season, they didn’t get the job done w/RISP as Curtis Granderson struckout looking at a meatball and Mark Teixeira popped up to end the game killing the rally and ended the game.

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  1. ron says:

    this goes to prove untill someone in the yankee group finds out how to get runners in this is the way it is going to be all the batters but a few want to swing for the fence wher is the coaching and all you hear from kay you should see them at batting pratice

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