Video: Wise’s makes non-catch during Yankees game

Dewayne Wise made one of the more¬†memorable¬†catches of the last decade when he saved Mark Buehrle‘s perfect game with an amazing juggling act in center field. However, he followed that up with another play Tuesday night that will surely be as memorable even though he didn’t even catch the ball.

Wise clearly didn’t catch the ball as he dove into the seats. Fans in the area said that they tried to put the ball in his glove before he stood up, but couldn’t in time and the umpire called him out anyway.

Jack Hannahan, who hit the pop up, eventually saw the replay and got heated with umpire Mike DiMuro before getting ejected. He called it “absolutely inexcusable” that he didn’t ask to see the ball in Wise’s glove after the play. It seems like DiMuro rushed to call him out with all of the excitement during the play.

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