Warren demoted after dud, Phelps to start

There wasn’t much good to be said about Adam Warren‘s start Friday night. His best inning was the 1st inning when he escaped without allowing any runs, but stranded two. His 2nd was horrible and he was knocked out in the 3rd.

On the other hand, David Phelps, who replaced Warren in the 3rd, gave up a pair of runs, but looked much more like a Major League starter in his 3.1 innings. Now it appears that Phelps will be taking Warren’s spot in the rotation the next time through. He is expected to throw between 80-85 pitches on Wednesday.

“(Phelps has) done a pretty good job for us when we’ve called upon him to pitch,” Girardi told Brian Heyman of the Journal News. “The biggest thing was, he wasn’t really stretched out. We stretched him out some more (in the minors) and we’re just going to have to continue to do it.”

In the meantime, the Yankees have sent Warren back down to Triple-A and have replaced him with D.J. Mitchell. They couldn’t recall Ryota Igarashi as there is a rule that says unless there is an injury a pitcher can’t be sent down and recalled within a 10-day period.

Mitchell has struggled in Triple-A this season with a 5.36 ERA, a 7.5 K/9, and 3.1 BB/9 over 80.2 innings. He had a brief cup of coffee in the majors earlier this season where he had a 3.38 ERA while walking one and striking out one in 2.2 innings.

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6 Responses to Warren demoted after dud, Phelps to start

  1. Stoogazzo says:

    The sooner Yankee fans realize that we don't have anyone in the minor league system the better. Don't listen to the hype of that moron Cashman and Retardi. There is nobody there to help. We have no capable outfielders to replace Granderson should he get injured. The three B's are no longer viable. Betances has been demoted to double A and Brackman is gone. Banuelos is currently injured and is a big question mark. D.J. Mitchell is a bum.
    Cashman and his scouts have done nothing to secure any future talent. The only glimmer of hope is that we do have some potential talent with the low A Charleston Riverdogs, which is a long shot. Regarding the dire condition of our minor league system, you will never get a straight answer from Retardi who is Cashman's stooge.

    • uyf1950 says:

      My friend you obviously have real strong negative feelings about virtually every aspect of the Yankees. If you do indeed feel that strongly about them why don't you chose a different team to root for? One that you believe has performed better than the Yankees over a prolonged period of time. I'm not trying to rag on you but their doesn't seem to be a lot of sense in you being a fan of a team that you hold in such low regard. BTW, if you think Cashman and company are so bad if you weren't you should have been a Yankees fan when they were owned by CBS. Have a good day.

  2. Stoogazzo says:

    My dear friend. There is nothing wrong about being objective about any baseball team or player. These overpaid
    players are being paid millions of dollars to perform. I do not believe they should be held impervious to any sort of criticism. Management should be held similarly responsible. I do not idolize any ballplayer, general manager or manager. To me they are a source of entertainment. I refuse to lionize any of the aforementioned people I
    referred to. If you want to put these people on a pedestal be free to do so. Cashman, one with dubious morals,
    previously employed as a Yankee intern, has virtually no baseball background. I see you believe uppermost in
    performance. Just like today's combined performance from Arod and Tex, zero for eight, with three strikeouts and
    and a doubleplay. With a combined salary of over 50 million per year, according to your rational, because I am a Yankee fan I should praise these overpaid bums. No, my dear friend, I refuse to join you and the other sheep
    who blindly follow the Yankees believing they can do no wrong.

    • uyf1950 says:

      My friend you state above and I quote "To me they are a source of entertainment". You have made my point both now and in my earlier comment with those 8 simple words of yours. That is, since you are very obviously not entertained by the Yankees and apparently haven't been for a while at least. Why not find yourself a team that you do find entertaining and that meets the other criteria you have mentioned and root for that team.
      Oh and btw, in case you couldn't tell from my moniker I have been a Yankees fan since the mid 1950's through the great times, the merely good times, the mediocre times, the very bad times and the good times once again. While you may consider me one of the sheep I would beg to differ with you. But we all have a right to our opinion.

  3. Stoogazzo says:

    Yes, my dear friend, as you indicate, "We all have a right to our opinion." And I choose to express my opinion regarding the inadequacy of Yankee management. I choose to express my opinion regarding yesterday's
    performance by Arod and Tex, who combined went zero for eight with five strikeouts and a double play. I choose to express my opinion when I am lied to by Cashman and Retardi regarding the state of the Yankee farm system.
    Incidently, I have been a Yankee fan well before the 1950's when it was not a watered down assortment of
    minor league teams as it stands today. I resent your repeated suggestion to find another team to root for just because I am expressing my opinion and I will continue to be objective, not only pertaining to the Yankees but
    regarding any overpaid bum with any organization. I am certain that there were many Yankee fans, excluding you, who were no pleased with the performance of the third and fifth hitters in the Yankee lineout. Perhaps I may be one that exercised the right to express my opinion.

  4. Gonzalo says:

    I think there is no problem with Stoogazzo expressing his opinions, most of what he says is wrong but I don't see why he should not write here or change teams, he is in all his rights.

    Just this year Eppley and Phelps are helping the team doing a very good job; Nunez could be here too but it's better for the future of the team and for him to play everyday and improve his defensive skills; Nova, Hughes and Gardner are young new players in the majors coming from our minors.

    And just to let you know Cashman didn't want to have negotiations with ARod when he was looking for more money and Cashman didn't want to bring Soriano.

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