Yankees 2012 25th round draft pick: Ty Moore

With their 25th round pick in the 2012 MLB First-Year Player draft, the Yankees selected Ty Moore, a 5-foot-11, 185-pound outfielder out of Mater Dei High School in California.

The third sign-ability case in a row. The 18-year-old Moore is all about hitting. His swing sounds a bit long with too much movement in his stance, but that’s typical among most high school students and would likely be fixed quickly at the professional level.

His other tools leave somethig to be desired. BA graded his speed at 20 on a 20-80 scale , although he was 10-for-10 in stolen base attempts his senior year.  As a pitcher he was able to hit 88 mph so he’s got a decent arm, but scouts wonder if he can stick in the outfield. If he hit’s though, they’ll stick him in one of the corner spots. Scouts rave about his makeup.

Moore, who was ranked at No. 246 overall in the country by Baseball America among amateurs and No. 126 among high school students. He came in at No. 81 on the ESPNHS 100.

He’s currently committed to UCLA and from what it sounds like that commitment is firm. If the Yankees can talk him out of that though, they would have a very solid bat in Moore.

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5 Responses to Yankees 2012 25th round draft pick: Ty Moore

  1. Gus says:

    Rob, did you do your homework? Ty Moore received California state player of the year honors. He was 12-1 with an 0.71 ERA….and throws upper 80's. So he doesn't have a strong arm? Also, he was the best hitter in the state, regardless of having a "long swing." Also, one of the fastest runners on the team. Bunts for base hits and steals bases. There is a reason this guy was ranked #9 best high school players in the country. He dropped to the 25th round because of his firm committment to UCLA. Good grief Rob, clue in.

    • He's a high schooler and they are often hard to find a lot of information on and quite often that info can be old and or incorrect. From what I read, this kid is all bat and not much else. Usually what happens though is a lot more information comes out about these guys after the draft. I'll do some more research and see if he doesn't warrant an update.

  2. Well I flushed it out a bit for you Gus, but I didn't find anything that justified any major changes. I'm not sure who ranked him No. 9 high schooler in the country, but nothing I read had him anywhere near that. Baseball America is not to enthusiastic on his speed, range, and arm.

  3. Kristine Moore-Frith says:

    Rob: Your negativity about Ty Moore and his skills is a bit upsetting. Have you ever seen him play in person? This kid has talent all around and has an excellent skill in motivation as well. He is one of those kind of players that you WANT to have on your team because of his enthusiasm and playing skills. Have you read any other articles about him? Maybe you should do an update on his progress at UCLA. I definitely agree with Gus on this one.

  4. He's off to a good start actually. Playing in the summer league he hit .309 with 36 runs and 20 RBI's. He hit .316 with six runs and five stolen bases in the playoffs too.

    So far this season he's hit .273/.360/.409 with no stolen bases in 6 games.

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