Yankees 2012 MLB draft results: prospect profiles on every player

It took most of three full days, but I have finally written up something on each of the Yankees 41 draft picks. It’s not always a lot of information. I try to find what I can on each player and pass something along. Try not to formulate opinions based entirely on these write ups as there is a lot of context missing and sometimes what I’ve written is based on just a paragraph or two. It does give you an idea of who the Yankees drafted though so I think they are good reads.

It’s way too early to grade the draft, but I’ll give my thoughts on it and highlight a few players again tomorrow. I will say it’s a solid draft and depending on who signs and who doesn’t there could be a few nice gems. Also check back for updates on who has and who hasn’t signed yet.

(List after the jump).

1. Ty Hensley, RHP
2. Austin Aune, OF (89th overall) – compensation for not signing 2011’s 2nd round pick Sam Stafford.
2. Peter O’Brien, C (94th overall)
3. Nathan Mikolas, OF
4. Corey Black, RHP
5. Robert Refsnyder, 2B
6. Nick Goody, RHP
7. Taylor Garrison, RHP
8. Taylor Dugas, CF
9. Derek Varnadore, RHP
10. Matt Snyder, 1B
11. Caleb Frare, LHP
12. Chris Breen, C
13. James Pazos, LHP
14. Andrew Benak, RHP
15. Dayton Dawe, RHP
16. Stefan Lopez, RHP
17. Tim Flight, LHP
18. Brady Lail, RHP
19. Dietrich Enns, LHP
20. Mikey Reynolds, SS
21. Jimmy Reed, LHP
22. Bret Marks, RHP
23. Vincent Jackson, CF
24. Jose Mesa Jr., RHP
25. Ty Moore, OF
26. Charlie Haslup, RHP
27. Danny Oh, OF
28. D.J. Stewart, OF
29. Jose Diaz, LHP
30. Raph Rhymes, OF
31. Kevin Johnson, RHP
32. Garrett Cannizaro, SS
33. Saxon Butler, 1B
34. Eric Erickson, LHP
35. Kyle Farmer, SS
36. Dalton Smith, C
37. Charles Basford, RHP
38. David Thompson, OF
39. Bo Decker, OF
40. Sherman Lacrus, OF

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