Yankees complaining because they charge too much for tickets

The Yankees charge too much for tickets. Even the cheapest tickets are more than $20 and come close to $30 after ticketmaster fees. You want a good seat? Prices quickly jump to anywhere to $100-$250 apiece. Want a really good seat? Better get a new credit card because you are paying anywhere between $1,000 and $2,500 per seat.

Some fans have turned to StubHub for tickets below face value, because that’s the only way anyone can afford them, and especially for midweek games it can help make games more affordable.

It’s still not enough because most tickets on StubHub go unsold and the stadium still looks much more bare than it did in the final years of the old stadium. The Yankees reaction to the fact that their tickets are so expensive…blame StubHub.

“We believe there are serious issues with the StubHub relationship,” team president Randy Levine told The Post on Tuesday. “We are actively reviewing more fan-friendly alternatives for next year.”

More fan friendly than StubHub? I don’t think so. Next season might be a little bit of a mess. At the end of the season MLB’s contract with the ticket re-seller and they will look for a new agreement that will be a little “more fan friendly” which means goodbye to $2 tickets when the Yankees play teams like the Royals or Mariners on Mondays through Thursdays.

Now the Yankees say that this is an effort to make season ticket holders happier. As if they cared about that. Since moving into the new stadium they have bullied the season ticket holder and taken away postseason rights to partial holders.

This all could mean more empty seats. Attendance at Yankee Stadium dropped three percent last year. It is down 3.6 percent so far this year. If the Yankees raise prices on us by forcing a ticket price floor for next season, the attendance drop could be even worse.

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2 Responses to Yankees complaining because they charge too much for tickets

  1. David Reyes says:

    There's gonna be a drop in attendance because of this, don't they realize that?

    • Beb0-Bob says:

      Tickets prices are to high I paid $175 a ticket and it had an obstructed view! I don't thing they put to much thought on the layout there are many obstructed view in this stadium. Getting back to the ticket prices I think the Yankees dreamt big and now they are paying the price . A family of 4 going to the game is a thousand dollar day, at those prices it puts a restriction on family outings to the Bronx.

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