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These umpires are getting out of control. First, Russell Martin has to deal with Laz Diaz, who refused to let him throw new balls back to the mound because he hadn’t earned the right. Now, Joe Girardi and hitting coach Kevin Long have a run in with Bob Davidson, who Girardi accused of goading them into getting ejected over the weekend.

“You saw the call on Curtis in a 2-1 ballgame, second and third, first strike. You can probably assume that we didn’t like the call,” Girardi explained to Chad Jennings of the Journal News that a bad call to Curtis Granderson started it all. “Then there was the popup over towards our dugout, toward the on-deck circle, that went into the stands. Bob Davidson chose to look right at K-Long opposed to turning over his right and going back to home plate.

“Now, this is a game of emotion. You’ve got one of the most prolific home run hitters in the game right now, second and third, one out. And you get a call like that? We’re going to be upset. He said, ‘Don’t talk to me that way. I’m not going to let you talk to me that way.’ To me he should have turned and went the other way and he didn’t, and I question what he did.”

Now umpires have a tough job. It isn’t easy making correct calls 100 percent of the time and the best they can hope for when they do is that everyone ignores them. So it’s almost not fair to be calling them out like this, but over the past week we have seen two umpires escalating situations needlessly and it has affected the games directly as a result.

The next game, Girardi felt like it was necessary to walk the scorecard out to the umpires before the game, something bench coach Tony Penanormally does. He felt compelled because he worried the umpires wouldn’t be professional enough to handle their jobs. It’s really a shame that it needs to come to that though.

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