Yankees mock draft roundup: who the experts expect them to pick

The MLB amateur draft officially begins tonight at 7:00 pm EST with the Houston Astros with the first pick. Tonight is just the first and supplemental rounds which means the Yankees only have one pick at No. 30 overall.

At that point in the draft it’s hard to say whom exactly the Yankees will pick because so much depends on what the other teams do, but here is what the experts are predicting.

  • Keith Law of ESPN said has them picking Addison Russell, a high school shortstop from Florida if he falls to them and says that he’s hearing they are looking for arms.
  • Jim Callis of Baseball America has the Yankees taking Walker Weickel, a right handed high schooler from Florida. He added that a lof of high school righties have been tied to the Yankees.
  • Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus has the Yankees taking Stephen Piscotty, a college outfielder from Stanford. Goldstein said he also heard the Yankees attached to high school righties, but added that lately he’s hearing they might take a college position player.
  • Jonathan Mayo of MLB.com has the Yankees taking Nick Travieso, a right handed pitcher out of high school in Florida. Mayo said that the Yankees will simply go with the best player available with their pick.

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3 Responses to Yankees mock draft roundup: who the experts expect them to pick

  1. Addison Russell was taken by the Oakland Athletics with the 11th overall pick. So he's off the board.

  2. Nick Travieso was taken by the Reds with the 14th overall pick so he's off the board too.

  3. D.J. Davis, an outfielder from Mississippi who was also connected to the Yankees, has been taken off the board by the Blue Jays with the 17th overall pick.

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