Yankees prefer not to go “outside” to replace CC, Pettitte

It happened so fast. One minute the Yankees rotation was fine and the next minute CC Sabathia and Andy Pettitte are both on the disabled list. If you had predicted that yesterday, I wouldn’t have bought it, but yet here it is. CC is expected to miss at least two starts, Pettitte at least two months.

In the old days of George Steinbrenner the Yankees would be in panic mode shopping for the next available starting pitcher no matter what the cost. However, these aren’t the old days. Speaking with Jack Curry of the YES Network, Brian Cashman explained that he wouuld rather not go “outside” the organization in his search to replace CC and Pettitte and will instead elect to use pitchers he already has.

That means that Adam Warren will pitch this Friday in place of Sabathia and Freddy Garcia will pitch in place of Pettitte. If one of them struggles, David Phelps will take over after that. Hopefully CC will only miss two starts as expected and will return after the All-Star break as a reinforcement.

This doesn’t necessarily mean the Yankees will definitely avoid the trade market. For one thing, Cashman will be able to find a better deal if teams don’t think the Yankees are panicking. There is also the possibility that Sabathia’s injury will linger and Cashman will change his mind. The emergence of Warren and the¬†reliability¬†of Garcia will also play a big role in Cashman’s patience. The better they are, the more of it he will have.

The Yankees are still a good team with a strong bullpen and a lot of roster depth. Not all teams have three options in Garcia/Warren/Phelps that they can call upon in these situations. They should be able to hold the fort down for a few weeks while CC is gone and Pettitte should be back around the beginning of September for a big boost.

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