Yankees versus Braves: the culmination

Three games in three days in three different seats with three different groups of friends and I witnessed three wins. The Yankees came off a sweep of the Mets and headed south to visit the Braves in Turner Field. It was a fantastic series that saw the Yankees win in every way possible against a very good Braves team. The weather forecast predicted rain Monday through Thursday and while it rained quite a bit on Monday, it cleared right up in time for some interleague baseball.

Last week, I said we would take two of three against the Braves. My expectations were exceeded in the best way imaginable. In game one, Ivan Nova pitched a gem and stifled the Braves bats for seven strong innings. He allowed five hits and struck out six while allowing zero runs. Meanwhile at the plate, the Yankees scored a run in each of the first three innings and that would be all they needed on this Monday. The Braves looked over matched. Nova’s start was mimicked on Tuesday by Mike Minor however his was wasted by the Braves bullpen and questionable managing and that combination created the perfect recipe for the best Yankees game I’ve ever attended.

The Yanks held strong for a while and got a decent outing from CC. Seven innings pitched and four earned runs isn’t terrible but it’s not what you’d expect from CC. Especially since three of those runs came in the first inning. What impressed me about this game was the Yankee resiliency. They came back from a four run deficit in the eighth inning in an away game. It showed a lot about the current team. The inning even had a bit of history. Alex Rodriguez tied Lou Gehrig atop the all time grand slam list. But have you seen an inning like this in a game that we really had no business winning?

On Wednesday night, the Yankees showed tremendous resiliency again. After a two run home run by Brian McCann that put the Braves up 2-1, the Yankees answered back with a two run home run courtesy of Curtis Granderson. While the team has hit a home run in every game they’ve won, there has been much more production from the heart of the order not in the form of home runs. This is definitely something we can build upon moving forward. It’s not easy to win when you’re down but the Yankees have made it look downright simple.

After leaving Turner wet and cold last night, one thought stayed with me. “What a series. It wouldn’t have been possible without interleague play.” As I touched on it two weeks ago, interleague play gave a fantastic opportunity for thousands of Yankee fans to see their team do something tremendous. While I can see a lot of teams play the Braves, it’s a rarity that I will get to see Yankee history…again.

I couldn’t have asked for anything better this week. It was a blast and some of the best times I’ve ever had. I’ll never forget them and as we move forward to the series with the Nationals, we should keep one thing constant: Winning.


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