Banuelos coming back, Campos likely done for the year

Two of the Yankees top pitching prospects, Manny Banuelos and Jose Campos, have been tied together this season for a very bad reason – both have been out with elbow problems.

Both pitchers are attempting to rehab their elbows rather than have surgery and it looks as if both will avoid undergoing the knife. Banuelos has been throwing, he’s up to 25 pitches, no curveballs yet though, and should be back sometime soon, but Campos will be a little longer and could miss the rest of the season, according to Josh Norris of the Trentonian.

It’s obviously rough to take having two of the organization’s top prospects out for nearly an entire season but all is not lost. Banuelos and Campos still have great potential and avoiding surgery is a big deal even if most pitchers recover from TJS just fine.

Both pitchers have time on their side as well. Banuelos is still just 21 and even now is still one of the youngest pitchers at the Triple-A level. Campos is still just 19 which is young for even the Low-A level where he started this season. Even if neither pitches again next year, they are still very much on the right track as prospects still and are not falling behind in their development.

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