Cano and Boras looking for big pay day from the Yankees

Robinson Cano‘s current contract is technically a four-year $30 million deal, but with a pair of options it will end up paying him $59 million over six years and he doesn’t like it. According to Joel Sherman of the NY Post, the Yankees second baseman feels underpaid by his current contract which is probably the reason he hired Scott Boras to negotiate his deal this time around.

Boras spoke with Sherman for his Sunday column and even though he wouldn’t say how much Cano is looking for, he dropped hints that they will ask for a 10-year deal that will blow away the records for biggest contract by a second baseman.

“When you go to sign great players and you know you are going to get six or years more of greatness, you have to spend by paying more years,” Boras told Sherman. “You may pay over 10 years for the privilege of having the great seven. That is how it goes with big franchises and acquisitions. And the Yankees under George (Steinbrenner) were one of the first teams to do that.”

Of course these are not The Boss’s Yankees. Hal Steinbrenner’s Yankees are in the middle of a long-term plan that involves getting payroll under the $189 million luxury tax threshold by 2014. Re-signing Cano under that deal is possible and Brian Cashman seems committed to it to the point where he is willing to break the Yankees rule of not re-signing players before their current contracts are up.

Citing revenues triple of other major league clubs and George Steinbrenner’s legacy, Boras doesn’t seem to be buying into the Yankees new frugal ways though.

“I had a meeting with Hal [Steinbrenner] and Randy [Levine, Yankees president] at the owners meetings [in May], and I certainly did not get any indication from them that there will be any dramatic changes in how the Yankees do business,” Boras said.

Cano sounds open to the idea of re-signing with the Yankees this offseason before hitting free agency, something Boras generally likes to avoid. However, it certainly sounds like the Yankees will have to pay like they are in a bidding war because Cano is determined to get as much as he possibly can out of them.

The numbers Sherman put out there as baselines, $154 million over seven years or $160 million over eight years seem a bit low. Mark Teixeira‘s eight-year, $180 million deal seems much more reasonable to me (which Boras negotiated by the way). Heck, if the Yankees can stay under the $200 million mark for Cano they should probably consider themselves lucky.

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2 Responses to Cano and Boras looking for big pay day from the Yankees

  1. uyf1950 says:

    Just my opinion but I do NOT see the Yankees offering Cano a 10 year deal or any player going forward. First off if the Yankee choose to renegotiate Cano's contract at the end of this year he will be 30 years old to start the 2013 season. The Steinbrenner brothers do not appear to be of the same mindset as their father. I can see the Yankees going 7 years if they renegotiate at the end of this year. If they exercise the 2013 option the most I see them going out is a 6 year deal. Either in the range of $20 to $22MM per. In either case they would be paying him through the age of 37. In my opinion that's long enough. To use Tex as an example he was 29 during the 1st year of his current contract with the Yankees. What I've suggested about in both years and average dollars is comparable to Tex's contract based on the age of the players. I guess we'll see.

  2. tom says:

    Teixerira is making 22.3mm now so it almost certainly will be at least 23 mm to be paid to Cano annually.

    I only see White Sox and Marlins as potential teams for Cano if Yanks let him test FA.

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