Cashman: Mariano Rivera isn’t coming back this year

Rumors started by the Post and Mariano Rivera himself had some people thinking that he may come back this season. However, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman told Jim Duquette of MLB Network’s radio channel that there is no chance Mo comes back this season despite what anybody has said.

“(Rivera’s) not coming back this year and I wish he was, I wish he was, but unfortunately people get excited,” Cashman told Duquette. “…he’s not coming back this year. I wish he was.”

Due to the nature of torn ACL’s, they need to wait for the swelling to go down before they can actually operate. Because of that, Rivera only had the surgery a little over a month ago. Considering it is a three month minimum before he could possibly be ready, never mind that he is 42, the earliest possible he could be ready would be mid-September. Unfortunately by that time minor league baseball is finished for the year and there would be no place for Mo to rehab.

So as romantic the idea of having Mo come back for the playoffs, it just doesn’t seem realistic. Who knows though. Seems like anything can happen around here lately.

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