Eduardo Nunez finally back in action

Once it finally became painfully clear that Yankees utility infielder Eduardo Nunez was not capable of playing Major League caliber defense, they sent him down to the minors. It was supposed to be a trip down there for him to regain his confidence and to focus on just one position rather than the three or four he was playing in the Bronx.

None of that ever happened. Nunez went down to the minors, barely played at all, and then hurt his hand and sat out for two months. Now he’s finally starting his comeback as he played in a rehab game for the GCL Yankees yesterday. He went 0-for-1 and played three innings at shortstop before being taken out of the game.

It’s good to see he’s finally back, but the two month layoff means that he will contribute almost nothing to the Yankees this year and probably won’t progress much as a prospect either. Right now the best we can hope for is that he will get a solid month and a half of playing time and return as a September call-up.

Basically he’s auditioning to see if he can contribute to the team next year at all. He’s got a very short time to show results otherwise he is likely to be traded during the offseason or start next year in the minors as well.

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2 Responses to Eduardo Nunez finally back in action

  1. uyf1950 says:

    Rob, this is obviously just my opinion. But I wonder if the fact that Nix is doing a pretty decent job replacing him. Will have some positive impact on his defense in the future. Just a thought.

  2. rolf says:

    Too much has been made of Nunez's defense. It isn't starter-caliber defense, and he has the skills to be much better than he has shown. But it's good enough for a utilityman's role – better than Nix and many other spare infielder types. I think the Yankees want to find out if he can be the heir apparent for Derek Jeter, which is a different standard of measure altogether. That's why they want to put him at shortstop and see if he progresses.

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