Mark Teixeira taunts Vicente Padilla on Twitter

Mark Teixeira and Vicente Padilla have had something going on for years now. It started in 2005 when Teixeira homered off Padilla and he retailiated by throwing at him. Then they became teammates and pitchers regularly threw at Teixeira in retaliation for Padilla hitting their guys.

They’ve gone back and forth since then, but this season it has really escalated starting with Padilla telling a Spanish speaking paper that Teixeira should “go play a women’s sport.” Padilla also accused Teixeira of having, “a bit of a problem with Hispanic players.” A statement with seemingly no basis in reality.

Well, Teixeira finally got him back on Saturday night when he blasted an 8th inning shot deep into right center field that tied the game at 6-6. It was a no doubter from the moment it hit the bat, but Teixeira, who typically runs hard on every home run, stopped and admired the pitch.

After the game he explained to reporters, “Balls had been hooking. I didn’t want to waste of a lot of energy running out of the box. It’s been a long day.”

As if that weren’t enough, after he left the ball park he Tweeted:

Teammate David Robertson even got in on the fun on Twitter, Tweeting:

Keep in mind, this ball was hit 416 feet and was hit toward right field, but no where near the foul pole.

It was really unfortunate that the game ended in a Yankees loss (curse you Curtis Granderson and your poor reads) because it was a really exciting moment not only for the drama involved, but it was also a huge hit that tied the game very late. If the Yankees had held on and won that game it very well could have ended up being a Yankees classic. Oh well. It was still a fun moment of revenge for Teixeira and the Yankees.


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