More on Ty Hensley’s abnormal MRI

Yankees fans got the good news last night that 1st round pick Ty Hensley agreed to sign a deal. It was a bittersweet announcement as it turned out the two sides had an agreement in place almost a month ago and the reason negotiations took so long was that there was an abnormality in his shoulder that showed up in MRI’s.

The thing is, Hensley feels fine. He said that he has continued throwing and is still able to reach his typical velocity. Still, the Yankees used the abnormality against him citing that it is an unknown and that they are taking on extra risk.

“People have told me all along there’s baseball and the business of baseball, ” Hensley told Chase Parham of  “The fact that the Yankees think I may be of higher risk for injury in the future is all about the business of baseball, and I don’t fault them for that; technically I guess it is an unknown.

“What is known to me is that I am healthy, feeling great and have never had any problems with my shoulder, period.  It is extremely hard for me to swallow that a picture may say otherwise when I can do my thing and dial it up to 98 mph.

“…The toughest thing still  is that we don’t know really what my situation is other than the fact my shoulder is built differently than most of the people out there.  I have an abnormality that other people don’t have, but heck that may be part of the reason I throw the way I do.  We don’t know what it means for the future, but it certainly is a non factor right now. “

The Yankees certainly are taking on quite a risk as shoulder injuries can be nasty and ruin pitchers careers. Look at 2008 supplemental pick Jeremy Bleich, his career is still just getting underway since a shoulder injury derailed it. The Yankees could have decided that the best thing for them would be to move on and take the extra pick in next year’s draft, but instead will roll the dice with Hensley.

It’s not hard to see why as Hensley instantly becomes one of their top pitching prospects possibly behind only Manny Banuelos. The Yankees also got him on a $1.2 million deal when the pool was $1.6 million. That means they now have an extra $400K that they can spend on picks in the later rounds. Suddenly guys that looked un-signable on Thursday morning might be able to be had.

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  1. Greg Corcoran says:

    They should go hard after Mesa now, and maybe Vincent Jackson.

  2. Greg Corcoran says:

    NVM they already signed Mesa apparently 🙂 They definitely went out there and got all their guys this year. Sounds like Hensley doesn't have anything wrong with his shoulder. Different isn't always a bad thing.

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