Pedro Ciriaco: Yankee Killer

Pedro Ciriaco is a light hitting infielder who has never been considered a prospect, has already been with three different organizations by 26, and will probably be designated for assignment by the Red Sox any day now. But none of that has stopped him from crushing the Yankees this season.

Small sample size alert: In just five games against the Yankees this season, Ciriaco has gone 11-for-22 against the Bombers, good for a .500/.522/.682 line. On top of that two of his hits this past weekend were the difference in both Boston wins.

The first time it was Saturday night when he got lucky and drove a ball over the head of Curtis Granderson. It wasn’t luck because he hit it over Grandy’s head, but instead because Granderson mis-judged the fly ball and got turned around before falling over trying to make the catch. Granderson’s poor judgement led to a Ciriaco triple that gave the Red Sox a 7-6 lead. He scored on the next play to make it 8-6, the final score.

On Sunday, Ciriaco did it again. This time it was against David Robertson. With runners on first and third with just one out, Ciriaco desperately wanted to avoid striking out against D-Rob. He managed to pull it off too by just barely hitting the ball past the infield out of the reach of Robinson Cano and Mark Teixeira and in front of Ichiro Suzuki for a game winning RBI.

It wasn’t much, but it did the trick both times. The Yankees finished the week 3-3 and are now 6-7 over the past two weeks. If not for Ciriaco, they could have been 5-1 and 8-5 and they would have won three out of last four series. What could have been if not for a 6-foot-nothing, 170-pound middle infielder that nobody has ever heard of…

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