Robinson Cano enjoying a 19-game hitting streak

Robinson Cano struggled out of the gate this year. He didn’t have a single RBI in the first two weeks of the season (as if that meant anything) and had a .253/.319/.386 line though his first 20 games. Reactionary fans were flipping out.

Since then he’s been on an absolute tear though. If his last 69 games, Cano has hit .342/.402/.650 with 19 doubles and 20 home runs. That’s an amazing pace that if he could do that over 162 games he would be given the MVP award with no voting at all.

Lately he’s been even better though. He is currently carrying a 19-game hitting streak around with him and has hit .413/.457/.733 with six doubles and six homers in that span. That’s simply amazing.

Right now he’s battling Mike Trout for the MVP having pretty much left Josh Hamilton in the dust in recent weeks. Hopefully he keeps it up because as Cano hits, the Yankees win,┬áthe Bombers are 13-6 during his hitting streak.

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