Rumor: Cashman plans to explore third base trade market

Without Alex Rodriguez in the lineup, Yankees GM Brian Cashman said that he doesn’t think that the Yankees will trade for a third baseman, but he does plan to see what’s out there.

“I think we will get Alex back,” Cashman told Joel Sherman of the NY Post. “Nevertheless, I will go through the motions (of finding out what is available). It will all come down to price tags. My initial thought is that we will do nothing. But a week ago I didn’t think we would get Ichiro and we did that. We will see what is available and what the cost is and move from there.”

“I think pricetag will be the only issue,” Cashman said. “If something makes sense, we will do it.”

The Yankees will look, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did nothing at all. Even if it takes A-Rod longer than expected to return he is still expected back by the playoffs. Until then they will go with Eric Chavez and probably Eduardo Nunez once he’s played in a few more games.

That’s a solid platoon combo as Chavez hits righties very well, .287/.344/.510 this season, and Nunez hits lefties well, .287/.327/.427. Jayson Nix also does decently against lefties, hitting .275/.302/.451 this season.

If anything, I could see the Yankees going after somebody to upgrade over Nix especially if that person hits lefties well. Then the Yankees could not only have a stopgap for A-Rod, but a deeper bench once he returns too.

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