Rumor: Gardner’s injury won’t force the Yankees hand 10

With Brett Gardner potentially out for the season, the Yankees aren’t panicking. According to Buster Olney of ESPN, they could make a trade for an outfielder, but only if the right deal comes up.

This is how Brian Cashman operates. Back in the days of George Steinbrenner, a third setback to Gardner would have sent The Boss into a frenzy and the Yankees would have had a new outfielder within 48 hours. The problem was that because they were so aggressive they would usually overpay. Not these days.

Instead Cashman will be incredibly busy over the next two weeks and will seek out the best possible option for the Yankees. To Cashman, it is a better option to do nothing than to make a trade just for the sake of trading in the typical Steinbrenner fashion. As a result, the Yankees get ripped off much less often in trades these days. It’s part of what makes Cashman a good GM.

If the Yankees do make a trade, it has been out there that they prefer somebody more like Gardner who can steal bases and play defense. The biggest names attached to them through rumors so far has been Justin Upton and Shane Victorino. Here is a link to BBD’s latest Yankees rumors.

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10 thoughts on “Rumor: Gardner’s injury won’t force the Yankees hand

  • Billy ball

    Just wish the fantasy gms would stop imagining trades and gutting the farm when in fact they have no true idea how the Yanks perceive that prospect they are looking trade. Many on this site are willing to trade our best left handed pitching prospect in banuelos, our best outfielder prospect in mason Williams, our best pure hitter whom happens play elite position in Gary Sanchez, and our only real ss replacement at this time in Eduardo Nunez whom despite his value decreasing if you left him at ss he can possibly give you 30-45 sb with 240 avg and 10 hr a yr while flashing plus arm. Now why would you trade all that plus a David phelps whom has talent to be back end starter today for a guy in Justin upton who quite honestly puts up nick swisher stats at best with more sb which is around 15 to 20 sb a year? Don’t you understand it is easier to replace corner outfield production than any other spot on team? Wake up and stop playing gm and trust the cash with the moves that make sense now and for the future. Also consider why would Arizona look to trade a 24 yo talent such as uptons? Injury concerns? Attitude concerns?

  • daniel

    imho a lead off hitter who tries a bunt is useless, also is not patient always 0-2 in the count. All right he has good defensive skills but that's not a problem so far. Yankees should trade this guy.

  • aToTheB

    re whether to trade prospects for Justin Upton: Would you do the Granderson trade again?

    I think history says Yanks should have stuck with Austin Jackson in CF. Would have then kept Phil Coke and Ian Kennedy.

    Recall the trade:

    December 8, 2009: Traded as part of a 3-team trade by the Detroit Tigers to the New York Yankees. The Detroit Tigers sent Edwin Jackson to the Arizona Diamondbacks. The New York Yankees sent Phil Coke and Austin Jackson to the Detroit Tigers. The New York Yankees sent Ian Kennedy to the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Arizona Diamondbacks sent Max Scherzer and Daniel Schlereth to the Detroit Tigers.

    So an open question: Would you do the trade given how it turned out?

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