Rumor: Phillies likely to extend or trade Hamels

One of the biggest potential free agent pitchers of this offseason, Cole Hamels, is currently negotiating a contract extension with the Phillies, according to Jim Salisbury of

Salisbury reports that the Phillies are likely willing to offer up to $24 million per year that it would take to keep Hamels off the free agent market, but it is likely going to come down the length of the deal. The Phillies would prefer something around four years while Hamels would obviously prefer something around six or seven years.

If the two sides fail to reach an agreement before the July 31st trade deadline then it is very possible that the Phillies could trade Hamels. Being that they seem out of the playoff hunt it seems very likely that one or the other happens. If they keep him, they would no doubt make the necessary qualifying offer to land a 1st round draft pick though.

It’s hard to see the Yankees playing a role in much of this no matter what the outcome. The Yankees are trying to get payroll down to $189 million by 2014 and considering that the Yankees front office has already said that they would want to keep both Curtis Granderson and Robinson Cano, whom will both likely command at least $20 million per each, it seems very unlikely that they would even be able to afford Hamels at all.

As it stands right now, the Yankees have $74.4 committed to the 2014 payroll, $8 million more if Derek Jeter picks up his option, another $10 million on 40-man roster costs, and then at least another $40 on Grandy and Cano. That’s just about $56.6 million left for 19 other roster spots or just $2.98 million each (the league average for a MLB ball player is $3.1 million). Add Hamels at about $24 million to that and the Yankees have only $32.6 million to spend on 18 players. Not going to happen.

Without the possibility of a long-term deal it seems highly doubtful they would consider trading for him as a rental. For one thing, the new CBA changed it so that the Yankees wouldn’t be able to get a compensation pick for Hamels since they are trading him in the final year of his contract. Without that 1st round pick to fall back on, it would be very uncharacteristic of Brian Cashman to be willing to put together a package of prospects just to acquire a pitcher for a short period of time.

This is unless the Yankees want to reconsider re-signing both Cano and Granderson.

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One Response to Rumor: Phillies likely to extend or trade Hamels

  1. uyf1950 says:

    My guess is the Phillies can NOT afford to let him get away. It’s probably going to take 6 years guaranteed at $23 or 24MM per ($138/$144MM) and a 7th year vesting option for probably $25MM. The current Phillies rotation is getting a little long in the tooth for baseball pitchers. Halladay will be 36 next year and if pitches 225 in 2013 his 2014 option vests. Lee will be 34 next year and potentially will be under contract through the age of 37. The Phillies simply can not afford to let a pitcher of Hamels quality slip through their fingers. If money/payroll is a concern they would be best suited to trade Lee and use his money to re-sign Hamels. In any case we should find out soon enough.

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