Rumor: Upton open to trade to teams on no-trade list 4

Justin Upton is easily the biggest name outfielder available on the trade market which of course will draw the Yankees attention. The one catch was that they were one of the four teams on his no-trade list, but apparently that’s not a problem though.

Upton’s agent, Larry Reynolds, recently told Bob Nightengale of the USA Today that his client wouldn’t necessarily invoke his no trade clause if he were dealt to one of the four teams on the list.

Clearly this is great news for the Yankees if they decide to bite the bullet and offer up a few of their top prospects in a trade for the 24-year-old former MVP candidate.

This isn’t a big shock though. The four teams on Upton’s list were all big market teams. It’s not unusual for players to put those types of teams on their no-trade list in order to gain leverage. Usually it is to get some kind of extension out of it, but with the way Upton has been playing this year it seems unlikely that he would turn around and ask for one.

Upton is a career .276/.357/.476 hitter who is halfway through a 6-year, $51.25 million deal that expires after the 2015 season. Only $8.54 of that counts against the luxury tax each year so he could potentially help them reach a payroll of $189 million by 2014.

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4 thoughts on “Rumor: Upton open to trade to teams on no-trade list

  • lazlosother

    Of all the trades out there, this one would surprise me the least, it would help this year in left and provide a cost controlled replacement for Swisher. Kevin Long's work with both Swisher and Granderson would make me optimistic on an Upton acquisition.

  • Dave

    Ibañez/Jones have been great as of late. If Cashman was smart he'd focus on getting Francisco Liriano. Why fix what isn't broken. The acquisition of Upton would throw everything out if whack.

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