Ryan Dempster traded to the Rangers

The Yankees failed to trade for Cubs starter Ryan Dempster at the trade deadline as he will instead be headed to Texas, according to Buster Olney of ESPN.

There are a number of reasons to be happy about this as a Yankee fan. For one, the current rotation is fine. Freddy Garcia has done an acceptable job and David Phelps is waiting in the wings if need be. Andy Pettitte should also be back in time for the playoffs so they are technically seven deep in that area.

Then there is the fact that while Dempster’s ERA of 2.25 is nice it certainly seems unsustainable. For one thing his career mark is 4.31 and his BABIP is .242 suggesting that he’s due for some regression. On top of that a move from the NL to the AL will certainly hurt his ERA.

So holding on to prospects for a guy who is not needed and certainly not guaranteed to continue his current level of success is good news.

The only other big name connected to the Yankees was Chase Headley and it looks like he will be staying in San Diego for the time being. He would have been a nice piece to add, but that would have been a luxury. If the Yankees really like him they can revisit another potential trade for him this offseason.

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10 Responses to Ryan Dempster traded to the Rangers

  1. RICKY says:


    • Curtis says:

      And Dempster would be an upgrade how? Excuse me, let's try this agin. AND DEMPSTER WOULD BE AN UPGRADE HOW?

      • Gonzalo says:

        Seriously are you asking that?

        All those comments about NL pitchers not performing well in the AL are just ridiculously crazy. It depends on what kind of pitcher are you bringing. Dempster is for sure an upgrade over Nova, Hughes and/or Garcia (Are you watching the game tonight, What do you think about Nova giving away a 5-0). Anyway, I'm happy we didn't get him, You would be overpaying just for 2 months and not even receive a complementary pick in the draft, not worth it. If we wanted to trade for a Cubs pitcher Garza was the one.

        Really mad they didn't trade for a mid/long term outfielder, I don't know how worth it Granderson will be to pay him 20m/year for seasons with .247, .262 and .246, he is an awesome player but not for the money he is going to get at the end, not even close. Swisher should not earn more than Quentin, Willingham or Cuddyer. So the only good (contract/performing) outfielder in the close future seems to be Gardner unless they get smart in the offseason.

        • Fred says:

          I agree that the Yankees might have to think before throwing money at Granderson. He's been outstanding for us, but you have to wonder about giving him a 10 year contract when he strikes out ridiculously often and plays what is turning into highly suspect defense.

          I think the Yankees will sign him to a large deal, and it is probably the right move, but I don't see it as a no brainer like Cano

          • Gonzalo Hiram says:

            Completely agree, Cano is the only no brainer, and with Granderson being one of the top 5 players with the most SO in all MLB, I don't understand when people complaint about having an outfield with Gardner, another player like him (for example Span) and Granderson. Having ARod, Teixeira, Cano and Granderson I don't see a problem with another high AVG, OBP, very fast outfielder.

    • Curtis says:

      I was hoping to edit the remainder of that note however I can't. Look at the numbers Dempster has put up this year. It's extremely unsustainable. Look at his career numbers. Sure he may get a few more wins due to run support but the way he is pitching does not translate well to lineups that have 7-8 great hitters. Sure it's nice to get the likes of the Astros out but I wonder how he'll fair against a potent Angels lineup.

    • Beating the Yankees out for Yu Darvish would suggest that they were ever seriously pursuing him in the first place which they were not.

      • Gonzalo says:

        I remember you talking about Darvish and Cespedes, I think it was not very smart passing on both of them. As you were always mentioning they would be a HUGE help to have good players under 189m

  2. guest says:

    Dempster is a bum and career loser, fogettaboudit, not even in the league with lee and darvish, rangers can have him!

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