Trade Rumor: Price was right for Ichiro

It was a bit of a shock to hear that Ichiro Suzuki had been traded to the Yankees yesterday after all of the names we’ve heard connected to them in rumors lately with his absent the entire time. However, this was simply just a matter of asking price and Brian Cashman finding something he thought was fair.

The Yankees apparently looked into both Shane Victorino and Denard Span, but didn’t like the asking prices for either, according to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports. So they cast a wide net to look for other options.

They landed Ichiro after team president Randy Levine brought it up with the Mariners’ team president, who had already been asked by Ichiro for a trade. The two got to talking from there and after the Mariners agreed to take two lesser prospects and pay all but $2.25 million of his salary the deal was made quickly.

That’s how Cashman works these days. He doesn’t panic, like he could have when he found out Brett Gardner would be out all season. Cash simply waits, casts a wide net, and when he finds something he likes he pounces. It’s netted the Yankees a few interesting deals over the past few years where they got a solid piece and didn’t have to overpay.

It certainly beats the way George Steinbrenner used to do things.

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